Monday, April 4, 2011

Most Beautiful Miss Universe: 49th place – Miss Universe 1955 Hillevi Rombin of Sweden

Hillevi had the most perfect body in the pageant, besides being extremely graceful and intelligent (she spoke five languages and studied Arts), Rombin was a great athlete who excelled in gymnastics, track & field, and downhill snow skiing, having won national titles.

After winning the pageant, she left Sweden for Hollywood to fulfill her acting contract with Universal Pictures, part of the prize package as Miss Universe, having appeared in a couple of movies without ever playing a major role. There Miss Universe 1955 met her future husband, with whom she had six children. Her marriage lasted for 40 years, until she, her husband and a son, died in a tragic plane accident, in 1996.

She was the first Miss Universe to pass away. Fifteen years later, in 2011, Amparo Muñoz was the second Miss Universe who died, in early 2011.

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