Friday, April 29, 2011

Makari Clarifying Exfoliating Antisceptic Soap {Product Review}

So, I had said that I would review the soap on 30th. I am a little late in posting the review coz I am not well these days. The heat is so bad here, I just wanna get out of Hyderabad. Anyways, so getting back to the review.

Price: 800 INR for 200 gms

Sorry for the bad pic but the lighting was horrible and I couldn't keep the camera stable or something. Some of the ingredients of the product are natural. It has mulberry root extract, palm kernel acid  and palm acid (which in common terms means palm kernel oil and palm oil, anyways palm oil is an endangered product now so these ingredients should not be encouraged) and apricot kernel oil. 

My Experience
The first thing you will notice about the soap is its unique shape which makes it pretty handy too. I used the soap mainly on the face and arms. The soap is very creamy and foams a lot. The company advises to leave the foam on the skin for 5 minutes for better whitening effects so I followed that advise. Since, I had said that these days I am having a combination skin so sometimes the foam tends to make my skin dry and sometimes it leaves it moisturized. It does make the skin very soft and leaves it looking a little brightened. It cleanses the skin very well and also reduces the blackheads and whiteheads. My whiteheads had disappeared pretty quickly and blackheads had reduced to quite an extent. 

The best part of the soap is yet to come. I had an acne attack a few weeks back. So, there was a little bump left on the right side of my cheek since the acne cyst had not burst out. The bump had been there since quite a long time. And, since I have started using the soap, the bump disappeared within a week or so. So, yup the soap is antiseptic and it really works. And, I did not get any more acne also. Now, coming to the look and feel of the soap, the soap feels creamy, lathers quite easily and it smells really nice. The small granules which you can see in the soap are a little harsh when they are inside the soap but when they drop out in your hands, they are not at all harsh. So, that can be a little problem. But, the soap exfoliates well and leaves the whole body squeaky clean without leaving any residue or film on the skin. It doesn't even make the skin feel stretchy like some soaps do. So, overall, I really liked the soap. It even lasts long. I have been using it regularly since 3 weeks and half of the soap is still left.

My Recommendation
I am kind of two minded about the soap because of its price. It is definitely very costly by the Indian standards. Makari de Suisse is a high-end line in UK and US and it has been specially created for colored skin to reduce the melanin content. They do have a great product line which looks pretty tempting. Well, it does sound pretty racist to me but can't blame the company for that. It was the sentiment of the people. Otherwise, the soap is really good and worth a try coz it does control tanning. 

PS: The product was sent to me by the brand for consideration. All opinions are from my own experience.

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