Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I know my skin type!!!

Ok, so this may sound really weird coz I have been blogging about beauty since more than a year and till now, I was unaware of my skin type which is one of the most basic principles of beauty - identifying your skin type. I always though my skin was dry, then I came to the conclusion that it is normal to dry and then, I thought its just crazy, gets oily when it feels like (under hot sun and I sweat a lot) or dries up in winters sometimes like really crazy. But, lately, I have been really analyzing my skin. Its very simple if you pay attention but we sometimes simply tend to ignore taking everything we know for granted. I have big pores around my nose and my nose is generally shiny so obviously I have a combination skin and everything I apply on my face makes me greasy so I could have concluded this long back!!! Anyways, better late than never :) But, even now, I can say that I do have skin which tends to be more dry. 

In all this, I have realized one thing - skin type has to be deduced almost very periodically. Our skin texture changes in every season (even on a day-to-day basis during seasonal changes or any other health conditions) and also due to the products we use. Seems pretty obvious, I know but when it comes to applying we fail. So, we are having summers now. Will our skin go drier or oilier??? You never know!!! So, keep it light in the morning and heavy at night. Ok, if you don't have a cooler or an AC (which I am completely against, it makes you lazy!!!), applying anything on skin can make you feel suffocated and hot. Oils are a big no-no in the summer time, though, I am still using my facial oils. Go for serums and hydration lotions and do suggest me some, please!!! Both face moisturizers and body lotions. I am out of both and have no idea what to go for coz every thing seems so heavy and thick. And, invest in blotting papers (do tell me where you got yours :D). 

Btw, if you are looking out for sunscreens or sunblocks, do consider Neutrogena coz they have really great sunscreens - ageshield if available in India is good otherwise the other one with spf 50 is amazing. Review would be coming in the month of May. It is costly but worth it. Do try out the sample before buying but it suits oily and combination well. Not sure about dry skin so do give it a shot!!! And, grab your sunglasses and full sleeves cotton clothes or elbow-reaching gloves and scarves and umbrellas and bottle of water whenever you step out of your house and enjoy!!!!! Btw, don't forget to analyze your skin and identify your skin type correctly.

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