Saturday, April 2, 2011

Homemade Oil Regulating Skin Toner {DIY}

Hey Everyone!!!
This is a continuing post about Apple Cider Vinegar. In the last post, you read about its health benefits and also the beauty benefits so today I am sharing with you a DIY recipe which include Apple Cider Vinegar. 

  • Green Tea
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Essential Oils (Lavender / Tea Tree / Your favorites except Lemon and Citrus family) (optional)
Prepare fresh green tea. In a container, pour 9 tablespoons of the green tea and one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. Pour it in the spray bottle. You can put 5 drops of your preferred essential oil too. I prefer making small batches as the green tea is likely to get spoiled if kept for too long though Apple Cider Vinegar will help keep the toner fresh for a little while. Now, your toner is ready for use. It should last around three days to a week depending on the frequency of your usage. Now, store the toner in the fridge.

We use only 1:9 ratio because the Apple Cider Vinegar is highly acidic and higher concentrations of ACV can irritate the skin. At this concentration, ACV is best for the skin and is effective enough to fight the infections and inflammations. 

Coming to the usage, this toner is very stinky (let me warn you!!). So, you probably can't use it outside your house (unless you are using essential oils and its masking the vinegar smell). So, the best time to use this is at night after cleansing your face. Follow cleansing with toning using this toner and follow with a moisturizer when your face is still damp with the toner, if required. Just to reiterate from the last post, ACV tightens the pores, helps with breakouts, controls oil production and keeps the skin soft. It even helps with the problem of blackheads. And, using ACV externally has no health risks associated with it. So, you can be free of that doubt. This toner can easily be used by people with oily, combination and normal skin types but I am not so sure with dry skin but I think even dry skin people can use it in summers.

I am using this toner since quite some days. Sometimes, I don't apply moisturizer after toning my skin as its very hot (I know thats stupid so don't do that ever; find a light moisturizer if not anything else) and my skin didn't feel tight or strechy but in the morning, my skin was soft and supple.

  • You can use rose water or tea tree water or even your favorite toner in place of green tea. 
  • Essential Oils are helpful in warding of the vinegar smell.
  • Wipe off your face with this toner in the morning instead of washing your face. It will take off all the dirt (if any). The smell will disappear in 15 minutes. And, while showering, you can simply splash water on the face. 
P.S. Actually, regarding the smell, I noticed today that the toner smells really horrible but there is no smell on the skin after you apply it so it can be applied at anytime of the day. Its actually a good toner when you need to control the oiliness on your face or clean your face in the absence of any cleanser. Vinegar cleanses the dirt from the skin so using the toner will help you get rid of all the dirt accumulated on the face. Ok, may be not a very good option for people who wear makeup. But, it didn't remove the Biotique Kajal I use from my eyes. Oh, btw, keep the toner away from your open eyes. Obviously, it will sting badly. Wipe the toner on your eyes keeping them closed firmly. 

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