Thursday, April 28, 2011

Egg Hair Pack for extremely silky and shiny hair {DIY}

Eggs are really great for hair as we are all aware of. Now, when I used this hair pack on my hair, I kept it for around 3-4 hours, though not intentionally. So, I believe that the results of this hair pack are more due to the time it stayed on my hair rather than the ingredients. But, the ingredients are also fabulous and just two in number!!!

  • 3 eggs
  • amla powder
Break the eggs into a bowl and whisk them into a smooth consistency. Add amla powder so that it becomes a smooth paste. Make sure it is not clumpy at all otherwise the whole thing tends to clump on the hair. Never make your hair packs clumpy. They do not deliver results properly as hair is not able to absorb it as well as it absorbs a smooth paste applied on it. So, after you make this paste, apply it on the scalp and along the whole length of the hair concentrating on the roots and the ends. I kept it on 3-4 hours but you can also make do with one or try to keep it for longer periods on weekends or at nights. Eggs make hair amazingly silky if left on for longer period of time, as my experience goes, though, I know it is difficult with the smell :(

Extremely silky, soft and shiny hair which lasts for weeks together. I did this routine before April 10th and my hair is just the same even now and I have not applied anything extra to my hair in the meantime. And, the shine is unimaginable. It makes your hair more shinier than any leave-in or any hair product. Of course, using amla made my hair look darker too so the shine reflected better. And, I have wavy to curly hair. So, straight-haired gals, your hair is literally gonna shine like a lantern!!! Ok, bad joke :D but the results are just amazing and a lot can be attributed to the fact that we are using 3 eggs instead of just one which we customarily use. More the eggs, better coverage and better results. So, guys, try it and share your feedback!!! Don't forget to cover with a shower cap. And, for even better results, steam your hair before applying the pack to open the cuticles for better absorption.

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