Monday, April 4, 2011

Drink, Drink and Drink - Summer Skin Care

Ok, so summers are really here. And, Hyderabad is already blazing and it will blaze even more in the months to come One thing I have noticed is that my level of hydration has suddenly reduced. I am drinking less water and my skin is becoming parched real soon. Yes, the evaporation levels are high in summers so obviously to compensate this loss of water, we have to drink extra amounts of water. Right??? So. how many glasses of water are you drinking????

Ok, here I would really like to make a point. Is drinking water alone sufficient to keep the body hydrated?? Because, I have a little theory about water levels in the body. I might be wrong but here it goes - our body flushes out unnecessary things, right?? So, if we drink excess of water which body isn't able to store so obviously we make more trips to the loo. And, then, somewhere I read that excess water also flushes out certain minerals and vitamins out of the body which seems plausible and total whacky theory at the same time. A doctor or a skin care can reply better to this. Well, if you can, please feel free to clarify.

So, whatever be the case but I certainly think that drinking water alone is not gonna help much in hydration levels of the body because it has to be done from inside. So, it also depends a lot on the type and amount of food we are eating. Eating hydrated foods will definitely help improve the levels of water in our body. What I am saying is to load up on the foods which are full of water - cucumbers, radishes, onions, watermelon, tomatoes, oranges, all kinds of grapes and berries and fresh green leafy vegetables which have huge amount of water in them. All of these are full of water and taste really good. So, combine them with your regular water intake and see the difference. And, of course, do not forget green tea because you would need anti-oxidants to fight the free radicals created by the sunlight. Oh, and don't forget the sunscreen :)

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