Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Biotique Bio Pistachio Ageless Nourishing and Revitalizing Face Pack {Product Review}

I love Biotique products. They work for me, simple!!! I do have reservations about the brand but then no harm in trying them. I am especially enamored by the face masks and scrubs and don't mind trying various brands if they catch my eye. So, this one was on the list since I have read favorable reviews. So, here is mine!!!
Price: 199 INR for 55gms

I have always been a little skeptical about the ingredient list of Biotique. I think that they don't put the entire list coz how can a product have 3 years shelf life when it has water as one of the main ingredients without using any preservatives. And, none of the ingredients mentioned above are looking like preservatives. And, one more thing is with only 19% of ingredients (most of which I am thinking are probably extracts or infusions), how can the product be so thick and creamy coz rest of the content is water (81% of Himlayan water!!!). May be 2.5% beeswax might be enough!!!

And, seriously, 0.2% saffron...does it do anything?????

My Experience
you will look like Shrek!!! :D
Moving over all my skepticism, I would say it is a good product. Nothing to rave about but a good face mask if you are looking one for a daily use and expect the mask to provide firming and hydration to the skin. And, yes, it can be used daily. Though my face is not sagging or anything, I have noticed that this mask does firm it up (overcome the effects of gravity, we will talk about that in another post). And, yes, the skin is soft and supple afterward. 

Don't expect it to brighten and whiten coz it doesn't claim that. It does what it claims and I am sure it will give more prominent results on mature skin. 
Btw, one more thing which I have noticed is that it probably warms the skin coz my skin always feels a little heated up after applying the pack. The warmth under the skin stays for a long time even after you have removed the pack so I expect it does it work even after being removed!!! It tingles for a few minutes but nothing to worry about. And, it doesn't dry up like the clay mask but dries up like a hydration mask is supposed to. Very easy to remove with dry cotton pads. I use dry cotton to remove the mask (I found dry cotton to be better at removing such creamy masks) and when I am done, I wash with cold water massaging the skin simultaneously while removing the final traces of the mask. And, a single tub does last quite long. It lasted me for around 8-10 uses in which I did apply the product pretty generously. 

My Recommendation
Worth a try!!! Will I again?? Oh, I am eying the milk mask from Biotique. That looks interesting. But, yup, I would definitely advise this for any one really looking for a reasonably priced mask. Will work especially well on dry skin and mature skin.

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