Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub {Product Review}

Yes, I joined the Body Shop community, yayyy!! So, this body scrub is one of the first products I hauled at TBS. I went on February 1st and spent around 2800 INR which includes a membership card. I got this scrub at 50% so I would say it was quite worth that. Its an amazing product. But, doesn't last long, unfortunately :(

Price : 875 INR for a single tub of 200 ml (very expensive!!)

Ok, sometimes, I just leave out reading the ingredients list if I like the look of the product and I wanted vanilla so I picked it up. It has a lot of coca butter which you will see in the snaps below. And, has walnut shells and spices among other things. But, then, TBS is not a herbal brand so I do ignore that. And, a complete list of ingredients is also not mentioned.

My Experience
Lets start with smell. It just smells awesome - vanilla with a lot of hint of spice. As you can see it in the pic, it is creamy colored inclining towards brown due to cocoa butter and has a lot of spice and walnut shells. The walnut shells may feel harsh for the first time coz I didn't enjoy it at all. I think sensitive skin should give it a go. But, the second and third time were amazing with the scrub. Using it after shower is a good idea coz the skin is wet thoroughly and warm so the butter gets absorbed well and moisturizes the skin from inside. And, the scrub is not so harsh on the skin.The scrub is extremely creamy and moderately thin in consistency so it keeps on sticking to the cap of the tub if it gets tilted or turned upside down. 

The packaging of the scrub is a huge problem. Some of the scrub gets stuck in the screw grooves of the tub - both cap and the tub as you can see in the pic. And, when you try to take out the scrub, water does enter in the scrub if your hands are wet so that's something one needs to be careful about. Another prob is that I have used it only 3 times on my whole body and the scrub is nearly down 1/3rd or probably 1/4th of the tub by the look in the pic. Probably, a single tub lasts only 5 washes so you might want to be a little miser. I didn't splurge the scrub but then I was not saving also so I think you can squeeze the tub if you are not so generous to 6-7 or at max 8 uses which is pretty bad for something so costly even at 50% discount. It did cost me 450 bucks or something. I mean, its not cheap at all.

So, now coming to the best part of the experience, it is a fabulous body scrub. I applied the whole scrub on my body and kept on massaging for probably 2-3 minutes or may be 4 and then, I washed it off. My skin was so soft and smooth and well moisturized. I didn't use any body lotion or anything just to see how well it keeps my skin. And, guess what, my skin was not at all dry for the whole day and even next day it was very little dry (means I ran a nail tip on my thigh and leg areas which get pretty dry at the end of the day and there was barely a white line to be seen). Of course, its summers too so yes, the weather might have also contributed. And, my skin is soft even today though I used the scrub on Tuesday. So, if you use this in summers, you would need to apply a moisturizer which is a good thing considering lotions can make the skin pretty oily if its too hot or humid. I just wish it had been a little cheaper and lasted more or even either of the two. And, my advise to get the best of this product is to let it stay a good 10-15 minutes on your body while you are in the shower. Come on, you need to get your money's worth, ain't it?? And, no one is gonna peek into your bathroom and see how you use your products :D

My Recommendation
Yes, yes and a yes!! Only for people with normal to dry to combination skin, not for oily skin coz Cocoa Butter might make your skin greasy but get it only when there is a sale at TBS otherwise you will feel cheated out of your money as it runs out so fast.

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