Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beware of the Bargains!!

Well, this is the end of a sale period but just yesterday, I visited Health and Glow. They were selling the huge St. Ives moisturizer (I think it was soothing oats and something) for 100 bucks less than its original price. The cost of the bottle was 290 INR and they had an offer of 184 INR. Well, it seems to be a wonderful bargain for sure coz the bottle is huge and would definitely last 3-4 months or even more. I had almost picked up the bottle to buy it. But, here is the catch - I suddenly remembered to check the manufacturing date. Guess what, it was manufactured in August 2009 and month of import was listed as December 2009. Also, it expires in May 2011. So, not so good a bargain according to me coz they are just clearing the stocks. So, next time, you are about to pick up something for a bargain, be sure to check the manufacturing or expiry date. I have already stressed the point of checking manufacturing or expiry dates in one of earlier posts and reiterating here to make sure you do not buy something really useless just coz of a bargain. And, always buy products which are fresher. In very obscure products, an exception of buying them after a year of manufacturing can be made. But, remember, older the product, less effective it would be.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ximena Navarrete Visits China!

Road to Miss Universe 2011: Check out the photos of Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete at Miss Universe China 2011 Press conference held today in Beijing. Miss Universe China 2011 will be held in Shanghai, China in July 2011. The winner of this competition will represent China in the 2011 Miss Universe Pageant to be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fabulous Mehendi (Henna) Designs

Hey All!! Check out this post for some really fabulous mehendi designs. I am sure you would love them just as much as I did.

Biotique Bio Musk Root Hair Mask {Product Review}

I do love to try hair products. So, this is my second hair mask after the disastrous wastage of my money on Himalaya Hair Loss Cream.And, thankfully, this was not at all disastrous. Now, I find Biotique to be a decent brand with some really good products and some average products. So, I am not able to decide how should I categorize this product. So, find it out for yourself.

Price: 199 INR for 230gms

I threw away the outer carton so I do not have the list of ingredients. From the site, the description of the product is as follows:
Therapeutic Pack for Hair Regrowth. An original formula. A unique combination of herbs from ancient Ayurveda which promote hair growth. Contains Musk Root, Beal, Liquorice and Nutmeg which help to rejuvenate the hair and leave it in a superb condition. Invigorates and revitalizes the scalp and adds body to the hair. It immerses hair and scalp in natural minerals and organic riches and leaves even dry and chemically treated hair luxuriously full and alive.
How to use it??
The product says that it should be mixed with eggs or yogurt. So, I used eggs in my preparation.

One egg broken in a bowl. I use a plastic one as I can throw it away after some uses.

I mixed one heaped tablespoon of the hair pack in the egg. The hair pack is jet black in color and resembles Chawanprash a lot. But, the texture of the hair pack is not smooth. It has little granules and small stems like things in it which look as if the fresh ingredients have been mixed together in a grinder and it manages to smell fresh too. The pack smells a lot herbal and is strong enough to irritate some people. I find it tolerable enough but it doesn't smell after mixing with egg or after applied to the hair so it is perfectly fine.

After mixing it thoroughly, the mixture becomes something like this. It should applied liberally on the scalp and hair. Cover with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Wash off with luke warm water and shampoo.

My Experience
First of all, one heaped spoon of hair pack wasn't enough for my little longer than shoulder hair with very less density. So, next time I used it, I put 3 eggs and two heaped spoons of the hair pack. So, a medium hair length requires two eggs and two heaped spoons of the hair pack for a generous application. So, how did I find the hair pack??

Well, if you try to apply it directly from the tub, let me tell you it is simply not possible. You will have to mix it with something and only then can you apply it. So, eggs and yogurt are best choices but you can also include other fav ingredients of your choice including essential oils and all. So, it is not exactly a ready made hair pack. You do need to spend little time in preparing it. But, I would not advise you to mix it with henna in case you are coloring your hair coz you need to shampoo hair after using this hair pack. So, after you prepare it, partition your hair and scalp into sections as it is a little gooey and is not as easily applicable as using just eggs. Be very generous with the application because otherwise you would not see much of results. I have done that and have seen the difference so it is a little advise from my side. Covering your hair with a shower cap or cling film is an absolute necessity otherwise one might find it drying for the hair and it is difficult to get rid of the hair pack while washing off. Well, I did. And, using a shower cap definitely gives better results as it traps heat and increases the absorption of the hair pack. Do not keep it more than half hour and in any case never more than an hour. Keeping it for more time is not gonna give your hair more nutrients or anything. So, once the half hour mark crosses, it is better to prepare for bath and enter it asap.

Now, washing off the hair pack will definitely create a lot of mess on the bathroom floor and the hair pack would not completely leave your hair either. So, be gentle and patient while removing the hair pack. Use lukewarm water (neither cold nor warm or hot) and patiently remove as much hair pack as you can. You will still find lot of granules left in your hair. Do not worry about them. Use a mild shampoo and shampoo your hair thoroughly. The granules will be gone by the time you finish shampooing your hair. There is no need to condition after using this hair pack but if you still want, you can. But, remember not to use too much of shampoo or conditioner. Shampooing your hair twice might be necessary to get rid of the hair pack thoroughly. Rinse your hair thoroughly to make sure it is completely clean. And, air dry your hair. Do not blow dry.

Now, for the results. Remember to be generous with the hair pack and you would get fabulous results. When I was generous with the pack, I got a beautiful shiny and bouncy hair. The shine and bounce do last for the next day too. My hair was looking a bit darker than it usually does. Hair behaves properly and is manageable. And, the oil production in the scalp might increase after two days of applying the pack. I have noticed this result every time I have applied this hair pack whether miserly or generous. But, other results were no so apparent when I was not generous with the hair pack. This hair pack is for the dry and damaged hair to give it nutrition and life so this hair pack does that job fabulously even though there is a little work involved. It moisturizes the hair as it claims and keeps it moisturized for at least two days after the hair wash.

Now, moving to its other claim of hair growth, I have not seen any difference but then hair growth is controlled by various other factors like nutrition and lifestyle and not only a hair pack so I would not blame a hair pack for that thing. There is one problem with this hair pack. The tub has only 230 grams of the hair pack which if applied generously every week can get finished in a month at max for a medium hair length so that can be a disadvantage to people who are looking for long lasting products.

My Recommendation
This hair pack is worth a try and is not absurdly costly that one can not afford it. It does give great results for people with damaged hair. Regarding its problem of less quantity, it does improve the hair quality so after a month of regular application of this hair pack, the frequency of application can be reduced to once in two weeks or three weeks so as to make the product long lasting. And, even if you are looking for hair growth, I would definitely advise this pack because it improves the hair quality and it is very important to have healthy hair before you think of growing it.This hair pack is absolute must for people with curly hair because curly hair, by nature, varies from mildly dry to extreme dryness.

Update: Well, I forgot to mention some salient points about this product which I recalled while reading your comments. First of all, as you have seen in the pic above, the consistency of the hair pack is just same as henna so it is very messy to apply. Be prepared to scrub your wash basin if you ignore it or as soon as you finish applying the hair pack and putting the shower cap in place, wash your wash basin with water immediately. As I mentioned earlier, you will deifnitely have to clean your bathroom after washing this off.

Secondly, I completely forgot about this point but I have been facing major hair loss since November or onset of winters. Donno if it is the climate or this hair pack but my hair loss has reduced considerably. So, may be this hair pack helps in hair loss too but I am not vouching for this fact and it is not even mentioned on the product that it helps with hair loss. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lotus Herbals VanilaSmooth Body Lotion {Product Review}

I so love the color of this bottle. I wanted it from the moment I saw it on the shelf and got it after eying it for the fifth or probably the tenth time :D Its a very pretty light purplish in color and will instantly attract your attention. You might have noticed it too. So, was it worth the craze??? Lets check out.

Price: 165 INR for 200ml

Vanilla, Soy and Avacado. Sounds delicious!!

My Experience
It smells yummy to me. Only once I got this and smelled it, I understood what the term "too good to eat" means. I really would crave something so delicious in taste too. It is pretty thick in consistency but it is not very hard to take it out of the bottle. The bottle has a flip top and allows the lotion to fall through it easily. It is definitely not easy to spread as it gets clumped at one place and streaks the whole arms but it does get absorbed in a minute. You smell of vanilla after applying the lotion. The fragrance or smell can be too strong for some and you might end up hating it too because it is too artificial. I wish it should have been more natural and more pleasant which teases your senses instead of knocking them. The smell stays with you all day and rises in huge doses when you are having bath. 

Coming to the moisturizing part, you have to apply a big dollop of lotion of you want proper moisturizing. Otherwise, your skin will dry up and will need reapplication after only a few hours. I would say that even though it says it is extremely moisturizing, it is not a great lotion for dry skin in winters. It will do well in summers for dry skin and is great for normal skin in winters. It definitely doesn't stay for the whole day. Even though it has thick consistency, it doesn't make the skin sticky or anything. After applying the cream, your skin would be a little smoother which might or might not be very visible. Right now, this lotion is giving me the perfect moisturizing, doesn't make my skin greasy or doesn't leave it dry to be followed up after every few hours.

My Recommendation
It is not an amazing body lotion so you can easily give it a skip. Instead, I would suggest Nivea Smooth Body Milk for dry skin and normal skin can try this or go for their fav lotions. Can be given a try in the present season for those who are interested.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Patanjali Tejus Tailum Body and Hair Oil {Product Review}

So, here is another of the product from the collection of Baba Ramdev. This is not much of a review coz I never got to using it as such. Well, I'll explain that in a minute.This oil is supposedly a body massage oil but also good for hair. It also is said to improve the muscle strength. The color of the oil is dark brown though my bottle is empty.

Price: 60 INR for 100ml

A very impressive list of ingredients. Let me just recount them in case the pic is not clear. Sorry for the flash but this was the most clear pic I got. So, every 10 ml of the oil contains almond oil, olive oil, walnut oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, soyabean oil, peanut (groundnut) oil, mustard oil and castor oil in some proportions. So, reading the list of ingredients, anyone would be tempted to buy the oil.

My Experience
Ok, so as I said that I never got to using the oil as such. What I really meant by that statement was that I couldn't bring myself to use it afetr at max 2-3 times in the starting. Why?? The first time I opened the bottle, my head started to ache. The smell of this oil is too strong to bear. And, it is really very very strong. I have never been fan of strong perfumes and deos but this one takes the cake and the icing. I really fail to understand that why do they need to put a perfume when you are selling natural products. Had that smell not been there, I probably would have fallen in love with the oil. But, now I would never find out :(

It surely is a great product owing to the fabulous ingredients. I did manage to apply the oil as a body lotion one or two nights in the start and it was moisturizing enough. My skin didn't feel dry or parched. Very little oil is enough. No difference in the smoothness of the skin by morning though but then I didn't really notice that. But, then one or two days might not be enough. I applied it once on my hair but didn't notice any difference. It would be unfair of me to say that the product is worthless coz I really didn't use it enough to judge. So, the only point I would put is that this is not for people who can't handle smells. 

I really wish Ayurvedic products do not go into the cosmetics gimmick of great fragrances and elaborate packaging which costs more than the worth of the product. I wish I could send them a feedback about this. So, why is my bottle empty. I didn't know how to use this oil so I mixed the oil with baby oil and kumkumadi oil and used it. The fragrance did soften down after mixing and my body did glow but then I am not sure about the reason coz it might have been this oil or the kumkumadi oil or even my apricot soap which I have been using and it is excellent. So, I am kinda confused about that. I'll surely use this oil alone if I buy it next time but that is unlikely so anyone who has used the oil is using, please do comment and share your reviews :) I would love to hear your experience about the product.

My Recommendation
Not to be too biased but this oil is definitely not for people who can't take strong smells. This might be a good product but you certainly do not want to harm your smell sense. Those who can take really strong perfumes and deos can give this a try.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Do not pick on your skin!!

Ohk, so yes, I have been MIA for a very long time now and you have been seeing quite a few sporadic posts from me. The reason is I'm just being plain lazy. Give me a laptop and I will read all 24 hours but when it comes to writing for my own blog, it takes lot of diligence and patience. I do like to particular about my posts and make it as easy to read as possible so if I am not in mood, it kinda becomes difficult. So, yeah, life is not so good at the moment but then there is always a beacon of light shining at the end of the tunnel. I am just waiting to reach the end. And, before I run away with my philosophical perspicacity on my circumstances, I shall come to the topic of the day. If you remember, I had started a series of bad habits which we are not aware of consciously but are extremely harmful for our skin in December. So, continuing in that vein, today's bad habit to be eradicated is - Picking or Poking or unnecessarily irritating your skin.

Yes, I suffer from this very very bad habit and I have my college to blame for it. In my college, I has 1 or 2 stray hairs on my chin which my friends made fun of :( and I got into the habit of plucking them out with my nails. Very very Harmful habit as I have come to realize. It has many implications which I'll discuss with you in a short while. I have also seen a few other people who are addicted to this habit. 

Effects on Skin
So, what happens to skin if you pick or pluck on it?? Well, for one, your skin sags at those areas. Yes, it will make you look old. Secondly, blemishes and dark spots are a direct consequence because of the blood clots under your skin and it really takes a long while to heal. Thirdly, when you pick at your skin using your nails, you are harming the nails in the process. They get brittle, drier and unattractive. So, another incentive to stay away from this  habit.

Worst of all the consequences is bad breakouts. Oh Yes, it has happened with me and I am currently dealing with the situation :( It is not pretty at all, trust me. When you pick at your skin for whatever reason, the cells under the skin get irritated and if you are really insensitive with your skin, it can trigger and inflammation. This can easily happen when you are dealing with facial hairs or eyebrows and popping pimples. This inflammation can result in the worst form of acne - the bubbles filled with pus which you can't treat using anything (trust me, I have been there and done that !!). So, stop this habit right now. Your skin will thank you. Either learn to live with your skin as it is or do something else but do not pick at your skin. Just stop touching your skin with your fingers coz its equally bad as we know that bacteria from the fingers get settled on the face.

Now, I would not discuss in detail how to get rid of this habit coz I have been trying since quite a long time but have not yet been able to. But, strict self-control seems to be the light of the day. Habits die hard but it is said that if you can carry a habit for 21 days to be precise, it becomes a habit. So, control yourself for 21 days and you will live!!  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Patanjali Divya Dant Manjan {Product Review}

Ok, so this might be the most weirdest review you had ever read. I am feeling so embarrassed to write this :D I mean, come on, who uses dant manjan now a days. My guess would be very few people. But, I had to review this because it is such an effective product. So, this is my another purchase from Baba Ramdev's collection!! I had got so bored of toothpastes doing nothing that I decided to give this a try. Wait till you see the ingredients and then you might also change you mind!!

Price: 40 INR for 100 gms
(expiry date for 2 years)

So, are you impressed?? Better than fluorides and sulfates, right?? Some of the ingredients are very common and used very often as extracts in the toothpastes like salt, neem, babool, pudina or mint and laung or cloves. I love Promise toothpaste coz of that reason. It has cloves taste in it. Some of the other well-known ingredients are also there like turmeric, camphor, black salt, peppermint and black pepper which are all renowned for their goodness. Another reason why I bought this was that it was a dry powder so free of any chemicals. I am trying to be more environment conscious now a days.

My Experience
One bottle of 100gms will last a very long time coz it takes only half a tea spoon for one person every day. It is more than enough, trust me. I have used more and wasted the powder. Even when using toothpaste, I tend to take only a small pearl size. It keeps my teeth healthy and unnecessarily I do not end up wasting the product on my sink. Let me make this clear here. I am not a miser. I am just trying to be conscious and do not like wasting products. I do enjoy taking even a last bit out of whatever I have bought. And, I am a spendthrift. Ask my mom!! Ok, so this bottle has a flip-top cap with a decent size hole which does not allow excessive amount of powder to come out of the bottle.

So, coming back to the tooth powder, it is greenish in color as you can see. And, accidentally, I got out more of the powder so had to end up using more. There is a big disadvantage in that which I will tell you shortly. Half a tea spoon is more than enough. And, brushing with this doesn't even consume much time. I stick to the two minute schedule only and using this powder doesn't make it inconvenient. It tastes very much like cloves with a hint of mint and black pepper. The taste is not unpleasant at all. It thoroughly cleanses the mouth and I am pretty sure that it fights the germs effectively coz my breath doesn't smell bad :O even after an entire day. The powder does foam a little bit so that it doesn't feel all powdery inside the mouth. And, it gives a very refreshing feeling after brushing. Ok, so coming to one of the most important considerations while buying a toothpaste, does it whiten the teeth? Well, actually, it does not whiten the teeth but the powder removes the stains on your teeth and brings back its natural color. Well, for me, it works fabulously. An added incentive is that it brings back the natural color of the lips too. The pigmentation my lips has considerably lightened since I have been using this and my lips have become pronouncedly pink.

Now, coming to one of its main or probably only disadvantage. It leaves the mouth feeling a little raw after brushing for probably 5 minutes. This feeling decreases with consistent usage but if you accidentally end up using more (which I was talking about in the last paragraph), your mouth would feel even more raw. To combat this feeling, I drink a lot of water which neutralizes the effect. The reason for such a feeling might be the ingredients list. All things used are natural so the mixture might be extremely potent. I cannot fathom any other reason for such a typical reaction.

Ok, so why am I showing you a yellow brush??? The result of using this dental powder. Remember it has turmeric as one of its ingredients so this is the result.If you find this too gross, then of course, you should definitely stay away from this product.

My Recommendation
If you do not like any toothpaste and do not mind going for a little out of the league and seeing your brush yellow, then this is a fabulous product.

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Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Soap {Product Review}

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miss Slovakia World 2011 Candidates

16th Annual Announcement of MISS SLOVAKIA WORLD 2011 IS COMING!!
In April this year the public will find out the name of the next MISS SLOVAKIA who will represent Slovakia in MISS WORLD CONTEST. One of Runner Ups will go to MISS INTERNATIONAL CONTEST.

Here are my favorites:





Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Makeup Look

Hey Gals!!
So, as you know that I barely know anything about makeup so can't help you much in that department. But, I saw a beautiful makeup video by Deeptima. She did a special valentine day look using pink and purple and it was just so beautiful I couldn't resist sharing so hope you guys like it.

Patanjali Ojas Multani Mitti Soap {Product Review}

I am not a big fan of soaps but then I do not care much for body washes too. I use whatever catches my eye and end up not picking it up again. But, this soap was undoubtedly one of the mentionable ones.I got this soap after reading its review by Anamika. Well, I had never used clay soaps and this intrigued me coz multani mitti is gentle enough to be used as a daily exfoliant.

Before starting on with the review, I would like to introduce Patanjali to all of you who are not aware. It is the brand started by Baba Ramdev and sells all the ayurvedic concoctions and products. They have also recently forayed into cosmetics where you can find a lot of interesting products. For a list of products, check out their website. Also, these products are available only at Patanjali shops which are opening at almost all places now a days so keep a lookout in your vicinity. They also have an online shopping point mentioned in their website.

Price - 35 INR

An impressive list of ingredients. I am not very sure if you can read all the ingredients so I will just recount the most important ones - turmeric, sandalwood, aloevera, brahmi, neem, manjishtha, tulsi, bhringraj, liquorice and reetha - the ones which I know from the list. The base material of the soap is supposedly has oil base, multani mitti, zinc oxide and jasmine scent or fragrance.

Zinc Oxide is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory along with being a broad-spectrum sunblock agent. It is especially useful for people with inflamed skin.
Liquorice helps in skin lightening but is also useful for treating dry skin and eczema, psoriasis and such kinds of skin conditions.
Manjishtha is again an another inflammatory which cleanses the skin and soothes it.

My Experience
I loved the soap because it doesn't dry the skin like others do. The multani mitti is actually there. The soap is long over otherwise I would have clicked it. It lathers a lot, is muddy in color (similar to that of multani mitti only) and has a very strong jasmine smell which rises a notch in the bath which I do not really like but can bear. The grittiness of multani mitti is exfoliating and very gentle on the skin. The soap gives a very clean feel after the shower and doesn't leave any residue behind which some soaps do (I do not like the residue at all so that's a plus for me!).

Once I accidentally dropped the soap in my bucket which was full of very hot water so the soap ended up staying for around 5-7 minutes in the water. When I finished my bath, I fetched out the soap. It was completely soft and there was nothing but multani mitti in my hand. My fingers indented the soap and its shape changed completely. Though, after a few hours, the soap again firmed up but obviously in a very weird shape which was apparently very ergonomic for me :) So, according to me, this is a good soap to be bought.

A single bar lasted me around one to one and a half month so it just doesn't dissolve in water.

My Recommendation
A good substitute for the commercial soaps, is far more inexpensive and does a better job if you compare it with high-end soaps like Dove and Olay.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Expect Chile to Field a Contestant This Year @ Miss Universe 2011

After a 5-year hiatus, Chile will be back at Miss Universe ( The last time this South American nation participated was in 2006 with Belen Montilla.

In 2005, Chile sent a supermodel and statusque Renata Ruiz, highly favoured by Pageant Websites & Experts but failed to make it to the Top 15 in Bangkok.

Chile once won Miss Universe in 1987 with Cecilia Carolina Bolocco Fonck held in Singapore, Singapore. Apart from this, Chile has been one of the consistent countries to place in the 1980s. Chile was semifinalist in 1985 (8th Place - Claudia van Sint Jan del Pedregal), 1986 (9th Place - Mariana Villasante Aravena), 1989 (10th Place - Macarena Mina) & 1990 (5th Place - Urania Haltenhoff). The last time they placed was in 2004 with Gabriela Barros.

Chile also placed in 1978 with the ever-stunning Marianne Müller Prieto despite heavily favoured by the Mexican Press, only ended up 7th Place overall. Chile, likewise placed in 1954, 1958, 1961, 1968, 1969 and 1976.

And who can ever forget Miss Chile 1996 Andrea L'huillier and Miss Chile 1993 Savka Pollak, both heavily favoured to place during their competition years but both failed to make it. Goodluck, Chile! And welcome back!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Body Shop Sale Again !!

I am sure you would have heard of it already but for those who haven't, Body Shop has prolonged the sales till 1st March with special offers on perfumes till Valentine's Day. Some products also have 50% discounts so do go and check out. I did a small haul at TBS today and did, of course, become a member finally!! So, would post the reviews in due course on the items. 

Member Benefits (for all those who are newbies)
To become a member, you need to pay extra 500 bucks. There is no offer such as if you spend a particular amount, you would get the membership card free which often goes on in Spencers, Pantaloons and certain other places. The membership is valid for a year and you have to renew it again by paying 500 bucks. I wish they would reduce the renewal amount. May be 300 or 200 would be very tempting.

A member gets a 10% discount on all the products whenever they go to purchase. The current offer is that members get an extra 5% discount on the products along with the already existing discounts. It seemed like a quite a good bargain if you go for products with 50% discounts though there was a very small batch of such products and I got Vanilla Spiced Scrub from that lot.

Miss Universe 2010 Invades Bollywood

Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete Rosete is making her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in David Dhawan's 'Partner 2'. A reliable source says, "Ximena will romance Salman Khan in the Partner sequel. The makers were looking for the female lead in the film and felt that Ximena fits the bill but she will have to learn Hindi and some Bollywood dance moves for her role. Ximena recently met Salman and has already started taking lessons in Hindi. The New York-based fashion designer Sanjana Jon will style her clothes for the film. Sanjana, who is close to both Salman and Ximena, has been instrumental in making this happen.
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