Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hey All!!

Well, I am back to wish you all a very happy new year. This year has been too much eventful and full of ups and downs. So, here's to everyone, all the very best for your new year and may you have all your wishes fulfilled in the new year. Have a very very happy new year.

And, once again, thank you everyone for keeping up with my irregular habits and bearing with my ramblings and rants. Hope you continue to do the same :)

Take Care and enjoy!!
See you all in the new year.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Binibining Pilipinas Charities Lost Rights to Miss World

Ms. Cory Quirino has been named the new Miss World director for the Philippines!

The Bb. Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) of Madam Stella Araneta has lost a feather from its cap. They just lost the Miss World franchise and starting 2011, they will be sending delegates to the Miss Universe and Miss International pageants and no longer in Miss World.

Talkshow host and wellness guru Cory Quirino, on the other hand, secured the rights to organize the oldest beauty pageant in the Philippines after Fusion Excel International (FE) has been appointed to manage the selection of the 2011 Miss World candidates in Malaysia and the Philippines.

But which network will Cory Quirino give the airing rights for Miss World Philippines 2011, ABS-CBN, GMA or TV5?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Venus Raj is on People Asia!

Bb. Pilipinas Universe Venus Raj leads 2010 “People of the Year” list!

Venus has the modern Cinderella story which has been a talk of the town for this year. From being dethroned in Bb. Pilipinas to being the first Filipina to place in the prestigious Miss Universe pageant since Miriam Quiambao in 1999, Venus definitely deserves a slot in People Asia’s Magazine’s “People of the Year.”

Here are the other celebrities who made it in the annual list:

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile
Josie Natori
Kenneth Cobonpue
Fr. Rocky Evangelista
Rhett Eala
Ryan Cayabyab
Mike Enriquez
Felino Palafox Jr.
Rachy Cuna
Dingdong Dantes
Jaime Bautista

The December 2010-January 2011 “11th Anniversary” issue of People Asia Magazine is now available in bookstores and magazine stands nationwide.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Search for Binibining Pilipinas 2011 is On!

Bb. Pilipinas 2010 Winners

Beauty titles remain elusive for Filipinas, but the fact that the likes of Venus Raj, Krista Kleiner, and Czarina Gatbonton have come so close to bringing home the honors means success is not so far away. If you believe you have what it takes, take the first step toward that goal by joining the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 search.

Binibining Pilipinas is now open for application for single ladies ages 17-25 years old, with Filipino citizenship, minimum height of 5ft. 6in., at least high school graduate, and of good moral character. Application forms may be secured from the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI) Secretariat at the Araneta Coliseum. You may also download the application form here. Application forms may be sent via fax to (632) 911-27-71, or delivered personally to the BPCI Secretariat.

Aside from the application forms, prospective candidates are also required to submit the following: NSO certified copy of birth certificate, certified true copy of high school/ college diploma, Philippine passport (if any), and close-up and full body colored photos. Aspirants who are 17 years of age should also bring with them a written consent duly signed by their parents.

Preliminary screenings will be held daily, Mondays to Saturdays, from 2 to 6 PM. Deadline for submission of application forms is on January 8, 2010. Only those who qualify during the preliminary screenings will be eligible for the final selection of candidates.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Hey guys, wish you all a very merry Christmas. Hope you have a great weekend. I am posting a very cute Punjabi Jingle bells song video. Do watch it!! It's really cute.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

Hey guys, I am really glad to announce to your that today is the first birthday of my blog. Yay!!!! I can't believe how fast this whole year went away. I remember the night last year when I decided I would start blogging. At that time, I was so afraid what if no one comes and reads. Then, I overcame it all and went ahead with my posts. I loved writing and love it now too. And, this blog has been my passion for the last year. I am happy that you all came to my blog and read my posts, liked them and stayed with me for a complete year. 

Unfortunately, I am caught with my own things so I would not be able to post regularly (I know it seems like too recurring problem) but I promise to make up for these missing days by coming with a bang (hopefully !!). I might not be able to see you all till next year so wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year :)

Lastly, I want to thank you all for bearing with me and hope you would do the same in future :) Would love to read more of your comments and queries. Do tell me if you want to read about certain topics. I'll make sure I post about them. I know I promised some to post on certain of their topics but I am really sorry to have failed. They are on the top of list when I come back so please keep up with me. And, send me more of your love and do not forget to sing the birthday song with me :)

P.S: As a part of the celebration, do tell me which post do you like the most in my blog. I would sincerely appreciate your effort. Thanks and I am waiting for your comments.

Miss Philippines is Bride of the World 2010









Saturday, December 11, 2010

Skin Cancer due to Genital Warts

I have posted about warts long back but then I only thought that it is due to viral infection but did not think it was a deadly thing. But, I was just going through this article which mentions that the cause of skin cancer is supposed to be only sun exposure but genital warts are even more deadly then I had to write this post without delay. Most women die of genital skin cancer. The virus, human papilloma virus (HPV), which causes warts can also cause skin cancer. And, not only skin cancer but also cervical and anal cancers. Worse of all, your immediate family members are also at risk because the problem is contagious. So, in case you have genital warts and have not yet gone to a doctor, please do so and get your skin checked by them to ensure that you do not have any symptoms of skin cancer.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Do you feel too oily after applying sunscreen?

Well, I hate applying sunscreen because it makes my skin feel like a frying pan even though I have normal to dry skin. None of the sunscreens suit me and I am always in search of new ones. These days I have shifted to Biotique sunscreens and lets see what I have to tell you about them. Now, every day after my bath, I apply a moisturizer (no particular brand) then follow up with sunscreen after 5-10 minutes. So, the fresh feeling which comes to my skin after having my bath vanishes the moment I slather on anything on it and my skin turns dark on its own accord. Ok, I want to say that this does not mean that I apply loads of product. I use very little product but still it happens. So, today, similar kind of thing happened and I was not in a hurry so I took time out to try out a simple trick to curb the oiliness. 

I used tissue paper to blot out the oiliness. Spread the whole tissue paper on your face and press gently but firmly. If the skin is too greasy, tissue paper would stick to it. So, keep on blotting till the stickiness in your skin disappears. Do not forget to blot your neck and chest areas too. And, the result was a soft skin with a glow on the face. My face was no more sticky and greasy. If you also suffer from the peculiar problem of skin darkening after applying anything on skin, that would disappear after this step.While choosing tissue papers, go for paper ones instead of mixed ones or cloth ones. Probably a toilet paper would be even better for this job but I have no idea. The best would definitely be blotting papers if you find them. And, finally, if you want, you can do a little touch up with a compact and face spray or mist. 

One more thing I want to add is that do the blotting of your skin every time you find your face becomes greasy. It will also help you remove the dirt and extra product from your face which would otherwise be blocking your pores. And, it also helps you look fresh and dewy all the time. So, make tissue papers a part of your essentials-on-the-go. You might even be wondering why I did not opt for refreshing wipes. Frankly, I do not like them. They leave a film on my face which I absolutely loathe and then it becomes drying for my skin. If it suits your skin, you might want to go ahead with them but then contain a lot of alcohol (most of the times) and preservatives which I prefer to avoid. Hope this helps you as well as it did help me :)

Nama Gen Juga Bisa Menarik

Biologi biasanya identik dengan hapalan – hapalan yang banyak dan rumit. Ada hapalan nama spesies dalam berbagai bahasa latin yang terdengar kaku dan bahkan sulit diucapkan, seperti Methanocaldococcus jannaschii. Padahal organisme ini sebenarnya sangat menarik untuk dipelajari karena suhu optimum hidupnya adalah 85°C, mendekati suhu air mendidih!

Kalau mengetahui organisme – organisme dengan nama latin saja belum cukup, bayangkan bahwa tiap organisme tersebut bisa memiliki ratusan hingga ribuan gen. Dan kebanyakan nama – nama gen ini walaupun singkat tapi terdengar seperti kode abstrak, misalnya pou5f1, sox2, fgf4, fbxo15, dan utf1. Padahal gen – gen ini ada dalam setiap sel tubuh kita sendiri. Memang, sepertinya tidak ada yang akan meminta kamu menghapal nama – nama ini kecuali kamu hendak menjadi profesor. Tapi tidakkah ada cara lain memberi nama gen – gen ini supaya biologi terlihat lebih menyenangkan?

Untungnya ilmuwan – ilmuwan, seperti kita semua, juga memiliki kreativitas unik. Mereka tidak selalu mengikuti kebiasaan penamaan gen yang rumit dan kaku, namun menamakan gen yang mereka temukan sesuka hati mereka. Dan tidak jarang mereka iseng dalam penamaan gen tersebut. Lihat saja gen werewolf, gen yang ditemukan pada tanaman Arabidopsis thaliana. Jika dimutasi akan menyebabkan rambut akar menjadi banyak, seperti manusia yang menjadi serigala. Contoh lain adalah gen sonic hedgehog pada manusia, yang dinamakan karena homolognya (gen yang mirip) pada lalat buah Drosophila melanogaster jika dimutasi akan menyebabkan larva lalat tampak seperti landak (hedgehog).

Gen lain pada lalat buat ini dinamai maggie, yang jika dimutasi akan menyebabkan perkembangan sel terhenti. Inspirasinya adalah Maggie Simpson dari serial TV The Simpsons yang tidak pernah menjadi tua walaupun serial tersebut berlangsung bertahun – tahun. Ada juga gen grim dan gen reaper pada lalat buah yang sama yang berperan dalam pengaturan apoptosis, atau kematian sel yang terprogram. Analoginya tentu si malaikat kematian grim reaper. Pada ikan zebra Danio rerio bahkan, sekelompok gen mendapat nama sama dengan nama anggur seperti chardonnay, chablis, dan merlot karena mutasi pada gen – gen tersebut menyebabkan gangguan pada pembuatan sel darah (hematopoiesis). Tentu ini karena dari hematopoiesis diperoleh sel darah merah dan sel darah putih, mirip seperti pembuatan minuman anggur yang dapat menghasilkan anggur merah dan anggur putih.

Beberapa nama yang kedengarannya menarik pun sebenarnya bisa memiliki arti yang serius. Salah satu oncogene (gen yang berperan dalam kemunculan kanker) di manusia memiliki nama resmi ‘zinc finger and btb domain-containing protein 7‘ menurut OMIM, database penyakit genetis manusia. Ugh, kedengaran rumit dan membosankan ya? Ternyata oncogene ini termasuk dalam keluarga gen yang disebut POK dan karena sifatnya maka disebut juga “POK erythroid myeloid ontogenic factor“. Hm, masih terdengar panjang dan rumit. Karena itu, dalam berbagai literatur ilmiah seperti ini, para ilmuwan memilih menyebut gen ini dengan singkatannya: pokemon. Bayangkan rasanya menjadi profesor dan memberi tahu teman atau saudara bahwa penelitian kamu adalah tentang pokemon.

Tentunya yang paling menarik adalah ketika penamaan gen seperti ini juga dapat menggambarkan interaksi biologis yang terjadi, seperti pada salah satu gen di tanaman Arabidopsis thaliana. Bunga normal tanaman ini memiliki enam benang sari. Steven Jacobsen dan Elliot Meyerowitz menemukan satu gen yang jika dimutasi menyebabkan peningkatan jumlah organ kelamin jantan ini hingga dua kali lipat. Mereka menamai gen ini superman.

Ternyata ditemukan kemudian bahwa ada alel (versi) lain gen ini yang merupakan hasil metilasi sekuen DNA-nya. Metilasi tidak mengubah sekuen DNA namun menambahkan gugus metil pada basa sitosin. A. thaliana yang memiliki versi metilasi ini memiliki fenotip yang lebih ‘lemah’ dibanding mutasi superman karena peningkatan benang sarinya tidak mencapai dua kali lipat. Karena itu alel ini akhirnya dinamakan clark kent. Terakhir, ditemukan bahwa ternyata protein yang berperan dalam metilasi gen superman menjadi alel clark kent adalah enzim metiltransferase yang jika dimutasi akan menghalangi perubahan tersebut. Nama gen ini? Tentu saja kryptonite.

Teka-Teki Einstein

Gak ada satu orang didunia ini yang meragukan kejeniusan bocah (yang bener aja,,, uda tua kalee) ini. Ilmuwan yang paling terkenal diseluruh dunia. Menurutku, dia ilmuwan yang gokil, jenius tapi nyeleneh  dan misterius. Sampai-sampai aku ingin membeli posternya dan kutempel di dinding kamar. Karena gag ada uang (orang batak bilang : dang adong hepeng), ya gag jadilah!! Terkenal dengan hukum relativitas nya!! Sebenarnya, aku gak ngerti apa itu relativitas..E=mc2

Ok,, dialah Albert Enstein yaitu seorang ilmuwan fisika teoretik yang dipandang luas sebagai ilmuwan terbesar dalam abad ke-20. Dia mengemukakan teori relativitas dan juga banyak menyumbang bagi pengembangan mekanika kuantum, mekanika statistik, dan kosmologi. Dia dianugerahi Penghargaan Nobel dalam Fisika pada tahun 1921 untuk penjelasannya tentang efek fotoelektrik dan "pengabdiannya bagi Fisika Teoretis".

Aku nggak mau ngejelasin profilnya panjang lebar.. Kalo mau tau lihat Profil Albert Einstein disini.. To the point aja ya!! Si Einstein nih punya teka-teki yang katanya "98% dari makhluk dibumi (jin masuk gag ya?? hehhe) gag bisa jawab". BuseeeTT... Gile bener... Emang apa sih teka-tekinya.. gimana si Teka-tekinya.. Ampe-ampe mengklaim 98% gag bisa jawab. Yaodahlah, nih jawab ndiri... Selamat berpusing ria..

Ada 5 buah rumah yang masing-masing memiliki warna berbeda.
Setiap rumah dihuni satu orang pria dengan kebangsaan yang berbeda-beda.
Setiap penghuni menyukai satu jenis minuman tertentu.
Merokok satu merek rokok tertentu dan memelihara satu jenis hewan tertentu.
Tidak ada satupun dari kelima orang tersebut yang minum minuman yang sama, merokok merek rokok yang sama dan memelihara hewan yang sama seperti penghuni yang lain.

Pertanyaannya: Siapakan yang memelihara IKAN?


1. Orang Inggris tinggal di dalam rumah berwarna merah.
2. Orang Swedia memelihara anjing.
3. Orang Denmark senang minum teh.
4. Rumah berwarna hijau terletak tepat disebelah kiri rumah berwarna putih.
5. Penghuni rumah berwarna hijau senang minum kopi.
6. Orang yang merokok PallMall memelihara burung.
7. Penghuni rumah yang terletak di tengah-tengah senang minum susu.
8. Penghuni rumah berwarna kuning merokok Dunhill.
9. Orang Norwegia tinggal dirumah paling pertama.
10. Orang yang merokok Marlboro tinggal disebelah orang yang memelihara kucing.
11. Orang yang memelihara kuda tinggal disebelah orang yang merokok Dunhill.
12. Orang yang merokok Winfield senang minum bir.
13. Disebelah rumah berwarna biru tinggal orang Norwegia.
14. Orang Jerman merokok Rothmans.
15. Orang yang merokok Marlboro bertetangga dengan orang yang minum air.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sunscreen is breaking you out? {Sunscreen}

This is some tip I read some where regarding the usage of sunscreen. Use a Zinc Oxide based sunscreen if your sunscreen is breaking you out.

Zinc Oxide is a great sunscreen agent and even a stronger antiseptic and inflammatory agent which helps the comedogenic (prone to blocked pores) skin. The best part is that zinc oxide based sunscreen is more effective and less harmful as compared to chemical sunscreens available in the market. For more information on physical and chemical sunscreen, please refer to this post.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Do not rub your Eyes

I have already done two posts on bad habits which lead to aging of our skin early. I felt I was kinda doing something silly but since I have started getting comments from you all, I feel these posts are not silly instead they do encourage everyone including me to change bad habits and give information to those who are not aware of the facts yet. So, thank you guys and keep the comments coming. And, now moving on today's bad habit which is prevalent among children generally and then gets carried on to adulthood.

Habit: Rubbing the eyes vigorously to subside irritation.

Results: Wrinkled skin and fine lines around the eyes. The reason for this is that the skin around the eyes is almost 10 times thinner than that of the face. So, consequently, it is much more sensitive to various products and various kinds of movements. Another consequence can also be drooping and wrinkling of the eyelids.
If you have read about the surgery of Botox, a neurotoxic protein by the name of botulinum toxin is injected in the forehead. This toxin paralyzes the muscles temporarily so that there is no movement in the muscles near the eyes or where ever it is injected by blocking the nerve impulses. When there is no movement in the muscles, there is no chance of formation of wrinkles and slowly the existing wrinkles also smooth out because of the lack of repeated movements. The effect of the toxin lasts up to 8 months and one has to take the injections regularly to keep up the effect.
So, even the surgery is doing the same thing. Blocking the movement of the muscles so that there is no repeated movement. This is exactly what I meant when I was writing my earlier post on facial expressions and even this post. But, I am not advocating Botox here because let me also tell you the down side of this procedure. Your face freezes and does not show any emotion which is not what you basically want. Just for the record, women who under go Botox surgeries have higher divorce rates as compared to women who do not. So, you can easily imagine how much trying to stay young costs a person. And, frankly, there is nothing wrong if some of your lines are visible. That makes you look real at least.

Remedy: Apply eye gels or under eye creams to smooth the wrinkles and fine lines. (This is not what I do personally) Apply almond oil or vitamin E oil at night on the skin around the eyes. In the morning, you would find that the eye area is smooth and soft. In some days, you will see lessening of the wrinkles and fine lines too but for that you need to be persistent in your efforts. A home remedy which I would like to suggest is a honey mask for your eyes. Apply a little amount of honey on your eye area (under eye, around the eye and eye lids) every day for 15 minutes and then remove with a cotton pad gently. Honey prevents wrinkles.

How to get rid of the habit?
Of course, stop rubbing the eyes. Stop your children from developing that habit too. It irritates the eye foremost even if you forget the wrinkles. Next step is if you feel irritation and have a strong desire to rub the eyes, close your eyes and gently massage them or splash cold water in them. Either would help reducing the irritation.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Facial Expressions can make you look old

Yup, this might be a habit of yours as is mine :) I always give a million dollar smile and consequently, I have laugh lines and fine lines under the eyes. I do not frown too often but yes it happens that we screw our faces without realizing which can again cause a lot of lines on the face.

Habit: Constant facial expressions should be avoided.

Result: Laugh lines, fine lines under the eyes, forehead lines. A lot of lines on the face can develop if this is a regular habit of a person. Many people have forehead lines which develop when you screw your forehead and then there are vertical lines between the eyebrows too. Fine lines under the eyes are really common in people because of excess exposure to sun and also because the skin around eyes is a very thin layer. Crows feet and other wrinkles around eyes develop if you close the eyes too hard. Laugh lines are formed right from edges of your nose to the corners of your mouth and can travel down to the edge of the jaw. Many people have lines on their chin too. These are all due to the regular movements in the face muscles and if it becomes a regular habit, these lines develop very quickly just like lines in our palms. 
At this point, I also want to share something which we are told when we are children. Now, everyone knows that children make a lot of weird faces meant to tease you. So, they will smirk and scorn and turn their mouths to one side or another or stick their tongues out or pull the lips to one side of the cheeks. I have done those things and even you might have. (I really hope I am making sense. Please do tell me so if I am not) So, we are often told or even children say that your face will become like what you make it. In a sense this is exactly true. Our usual facial expressions make a mark on our faces. So, one should be very cautious about the facial expressions. They represent your character. 

Remedy: Well, wrinkles once formed are very hard to get rid of. Even then we can give them a try and things might work out temporarily. First thing is to apply sunscreen regularly so that sun exposure is not damaging the face. Second is to stop squinting and frowning too hard or laughing too hard every time. Screwing the face is not an option so keep your face pleasant looking under all circumstances. I know this is very hard but once you control it, it becomes very easy. Working people might be able to better share their experiences in this regard (you have to appear neutral in the office and not show what you are thinking). Then, obvious is wrinkle lifting creams which basically never work (you are fore-warned). And, you should try these home remedies to get rid of wrinkles. Apply a thick coat of almond oil or castor oil at night on your face and sleep. 

How to get rid of this habit?
I have certainly stopped laughing too hard every time and controlled my smile extent (seems stupid but true!!). Now, when I laugh or smile, my eyes do not get all wrinkles up. Then, I used to squint a lot in the sun coz I have specs and cannot wear sunglasses :( A big problem for people with glasses (I find contacts too tiresome!!). So, controlled my squinting too by being conscious of it. I do not frown but when I concentrate I do screw my forehead so have to take care of that too. And, whenever I close my eyes, I gently close them instead of squeezing them hard as is generally asked in facial exercises. So, remember this if you do facial exercises, do not squeeze any muscle in your face, gently do the exercises so that wrinkles smooth out instead of developing more.
I wish to add that most of our habits can be changed by constant observation and control of the habit so it is a good thing to be conscious of what your children are doing and then teach them accordingly what is right so that they do not need to change their habits tomorrow.

Update: I wish to add that neither this post is saying you to stop laughing nor am I encouraging you to become sad and morose. The only thing which I have tried to convey is that keep your face relaxed instead of in a particular expression. And, of course, smile all the time. It makes you look beautiful :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stop cracking your Knuckles

Well, I thought it would be a good idea to do a series of posts on habits which are unconsciously done but they effect out body and skin or even hair in harmful ways.

Habit: The first which comes to my mind is cracking the knuckles. Well, it is true and I have this very terrible habit. I have tried to stop so many times but I do it unconsciously whenever I'm nervous or brooding.

Result: The result is an extremely wrinkled hand which looks at least 10 years older to your present age.

Remedy: If you are already suffering from the wrinkled hands, a very good option is to massage your hands with coconut or almond oil at night for five minutes regularly. And, keep your hand moisturized all day long with use of either the hand creams or body lotions or my personal favorite, body oils.And, of course, avoid the habit.

How to get rid of this habit?
I am pretty sure it is in heads of many of you but this is something which I would not be able to answer because I have been trying to get rid of this habit since quite some years but I have not yet succeeded. Even one of my friends has asked me in the comments about how to get rid of this habit. I wish I could help but the only thing I have succeeded in is to be attentive to what I am doing and if I find myself cracking my knuckles, I try to turn my attention to some other work I have. I would definitely appreciate if anyone can suggest some way to get rid of this habit.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

When to remove Face Masks and Hair Packs?

Hey guys!! I am really sorry for not being at all particular with the posts. Kinda really busy these days so I'll probably even miss the first birthday of my blog which is on December 14. I can not believe a whole year has passed. I definitely have been very lazy in writing my posts many a days but I have tried to be as regular as possible. In case, I do miss the birthday of my blog, I shall do the festivities along with the Christmas and New Year or may be Pongal even. Gosh!! That will be really late but I am sure you will all forgive me. So, for today, I have a very simple tip to share with you all regarding the face packs and the hair packs. Now, I had shared the correct procedure for applying face masks. So, this is one additional procedure which should be followed stringently. 

Always remove the face masks and hair packs as soon as they are close to drying. When the face masks and hair packs dry completely, they start absorbing water from your skin or hair to compensate the loss of moisture in them due to the reverse osmosis process. And, this becomes very drying for your skin and hair in the long run. So, always remember to wash off as soon as the mask is close to drying. For hair, I have a tip that wash off your mask after an hour. One hour is enough to let your hair get the nutrients from your mask. If you are applying henna, always remove when the mask has dried otherwise you will find that your hair has become dry in nature. This is especially true for dry hair. Whenever you apply a hair mask, always put a shower cap on. This helps to hold the moisture inside. When you keep the hair packs and face masks beyond stipulated period, they can causing aging of your skin and drying of your hair. This holds true with the home remedies too. So, follow this tip and reap the benefits.
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